Monday, March 30, 2009


The Zona has been a lot of fun this year but it has had some serious up and downs! Training had been going super well until last Wednesday when I woke up to realize my back pains has come back. I was pretty seized all day and training came to a halt. Thanks to a bit of help from all the boys at the house and a lot of P.K.’s Therapy I was back in action a few days later! This weekend I was back into it ready to go and my energy levels where at a serious high. I was super happy to be back training again. You could call the few days a quick regeneration..

First real run back this morning after the swim was in such a sweet spot. We ran at Sabino Canyon an old canyon bed with endless amounts of rocky trails. It was lots of fun to run along, following the river weaving further and further into the hollow canyon. All was great, felt awesome to be back running along the sickest trail. Snap! There goes my ankle right underneath me, with a shooting pain growing around my foot I fall to the ground. Within seconds all the guys are surrounding me asking how they can help. After soaking the foot in the river for a few minutes we come up with a plan on how to get me back to the car we left roughly 45 minutes ago. A-Mac, Sharpie and Aaron are in charge of navigating back to the van and figure out how to explain where we are. I had no idea how they were going to do that, I was barely sure that we were still in Arizona! They did a great job and reached help quickly. That left Austin, JP, and A-Russ to get a 155 pound gibble back to a road to be picked up. Austin was the first up to the plate. He managed to carry me over his shoulders, over rocky terrain even though I weighed more than he does. There I was one shirtless dude draped over another topless dude. Once we reached a sandy road, that somewhat followed the trail, Jp and A-Russ Jumped in to help out. A picture would have been priceless, One scrawny guy hung around the other scrawny guys trying to slowly make their way back to safety. We ended up reaching a spot where a local police officer threw us in the back of his truck and took us back to the van. Thanks so much to all the guys for all their help. It was a crazy adventure that started as an hour easy run.

Tomorrow I am suppose to swim in the morning then we are heading to kitts peak for a bike ride with a run off the bike. I am hoping to be able to swim and shove my ankle in a bike shoe for a ride, but not run. I am super tired of being at a training camp unable to train! A-mac is shaking his head at me right now for even thinking of training tomorrow as my ankle looks like a have a couple small golf balls under my skin where my ankle used to be. We will see how things go tomorrow. For now bed time, but here is a pick of the ankle....

P.S. Huge props to Kiki on her first world cup back and a huge victory, Congrats!

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common sense said...

I bet you loved the skin to skin action rescue eh?

Ps. Get some coordination.