Monday, December 17, 2007

We Raised Over 2700 dollars!!!

Yesterday was the second anual Run/walk event for the homeless put on by the NTC. This year me and stevo decided to take the reigns and be the head organizers. We started planning for this a couple months ago. Everyone from athletes to parents helped pitch in and make everything run smooth. We reiceved and awsome amount of sponsors icluding Running Room, Old Victoria Water Company, Hayak Air, Kook FM, Cobs Bakery, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Oak Bay Bikes, Prairie Inn Harriers, Pacific Sport Victoria and CRD. Many thanks to everyone for everything! Money wise we managed to raise over $2700 plus bags and bags full of clothing, blankets etc. As well as raising an awareness for the homeless community. All in all it was awsome! Thoughts for making next years event bigger and better are already cirulating in my head.

As for training I have not made a post in quite a while which is actually a good thing it means that I am more then just busy, and have no extra time at all. Between training alot, work and y beuty sleep I have been swamped. Training however is going great. Working hard and swimming biking and running fast right now. Now with the run walk event over I am going to have a little more time and energy and am ready for a super hard workouts this weak it should be great. Biking everyday this weak along with some awsome swim and bikes!

Well for now I rest and prepare for the week

P.S. even santa made it out to the run/walk.