Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wrap it up...

It is finally that time, I have put off thinking about last season for as long as possible, but now it is time to reflect. There were a lot of pro's last season when you come to think of it. I managed to be more focused on training then I have ever been. I had an amazing training camp in Arizona which I came out of the most fit I have ever been. I even managed to get to go to some cool places that I have never been before, including Arizona and mazatlan, Mexico. I learned lots of new things from my awesome teammates, my very wise coaches, my super generous parents, and most of all myself. However I also managed to have a lot of con's as well, maybe even more con's then pro's. This is actually not a bad thing as long as you learn from them. I still have not figured out if I have or not. I can not honestly say that I had a good race last year. Lot's of races that had good parts, but not a full race that I was stocked about. Back to the drawing board? Well it has actually been pretty good this year most years I would have mopped around for a few weeks then realized I should start training, and the slowly get back into it. This year I managed to get back into it quickly and just ready for a new year of racing. I know something has to change this year though, the last three years I have ended off the year without being excited about the previous season. It is not as much fun when the results you expect don't happen. The last three years I have thought I would do better then I have. For a while I thought my goals were to high, but I know now that I am just not doing something right. Once I found that something it is go time. For now I am looking for what I need to change.

Some kelowna Pictures...

Me in a pack??

soloing it. That is more like how my race went!

If you are going to race poor then you mine as well look good while doing it. Loving the headband.