Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all!

Christmas was awesome; I managed to get spoiled by Santa and the parents once again this year! Thanks to the family for a great one! All the best to everyone on a happy 2009.

Before Christmas we had a solid training camp, picking up the swim and bike volume for me. In one week I tripled my normal swim volume. Threw in a bunch of 7km swims followed with hard bikes and runs and the ultimate 10km swim! By the time we reached the 10km there were only a select few left who finished the whole thing. Here Is a pick from the 100x100 group without a-russle who did the whole thing but had to leave early. Props to the people who did it!

The rest of the camp went well, and got a little time off during the holidays. I managed to hurt myself in a snow-skimming injury during the holidays but hope to be better asap! Couple more days of recovery should make it all good.

A couple training camp pictures....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time to get back into good habits.

It has been so long since I posted my last post that I don't even remember what it is about! I think it has officially been 3 months..haha. What has gone in since? So much it is insane! We have had a 3rd annual run/walk for the homeless which was well attended raising just under $10,000 for the homeless community of Victoria. I have been continuing on my own run focus which has been going really well! Running lot's and enjoying it, which is great! I am also starting to plan for a trip over seas to France! Hopefully I will be going there to race in the grand prix circuit all across of France! Last season seems ages ago, and I am glad, and looking forward to an awesome season this year! That is a quick and brief catch up of everything, now for right now.

Andy and I just started going for tready runs at PISE. The new center is unreal, tready with TV's and iPod hookups, no lineups and no max time! We have been really enjoying doing our runs in there instead of in our new found snow! We also just started a new training camp today, which I am looking forward to! We started the day with some killer draft pack work, reaching about 6.5km by the end of the swim. The boys were cranking it and ended up going solid on the last few! Finish that and upstairs for a solid windtrainer ride with some solid tempo and steady state worked in. Then home, quick snack and off to work until 9:30, sleep and then similar thing again tomorrow. I am stoked for it! Should be a really good training camp.
Plus a random picture from zona!!