Thursday, May 15, 2008

Home For A Little While...

Wow another post that starts with, "So it has been a while." Well it has and as I sit here at work I am realizing that in that little time alot has gone on. I have settled back in at home, got back into the swing of things, we even have been swimming in thtis lake! Yeah that is correct swimming at Thetis Lake. It was currently 13 degrees as we put our triple layered sock covered feet into the almost icy lake. Insane! Other then that training has been going well. Slowly getting over a small quad injury which has held my run back a little, but at the same time I am really fired up to run hard asap. I am very happily settled back in at home. The feeling of being back home again is amazing, the small things that you forget about are key. However just as I am happy to be back home again, it seems that I am leaving again. A quick training camp over in UBC for this long weekend. Then we are going to finish off the weekend with the local, North Shore Triathlon. It is just a small and fun triathlon, but still one ofmy favourite races. It may be because I have done it for what seems to be forever, or that there is a little price purse which I ussually get to dip my finbngers into. Maybe a little of everything, but either way it should be lots of fun. Overal it should be a awsome and solid weekend of training and I am looking forward to it.

"You let your body realize that is was in pain."

Quote of the day, brought to you by coach Neil Harvey after a rough swim workout that did not go as planned. (May not be the exact words but along the same lines)

O and Good Luck to the training brothers, Stevo and A-russ In Ixtapa who are going to kill it the weekend In the Ixtapa Continental Cup.