Friday, January 16, 2009

A simple 3 k swim day

Training over the last week or so has almost got back to normal. I am finally able to swim normally bike with some intensity and I am RUNNING! I am so excited to be back running after not be able to do something when you finally can it is a great feeling. Maybe it is just me because I have never been able to listen when I ma told not to do something. None the less I am stoked to be running! Today we had a nice easy recovery swim 3.5 km. good time to work on technique, practice turns oh and of course mess around…Good chance to catch up with the other half of sx2 (Stevo). We decided to take it upon ourselves to make today’s kick set a good Mazatlan wave preparation set. The group is now ready for wave swimming. Your welcome…haha. Then finish the workout with some super experienced synchronized swimming. Austin joined the NTC syncro team (J.P., Stevo, A-Russ and I) for some serious training today, welcome to the team. Rumor has it we are going to nationals. Fun day before some hard training starts up again. I am excited to get a good 3 month block of training in before heading off to France. Already so excited!!! All is good.