Monday, December 17, 2007

We Raised Over 2700 dollars!!!

Yesterday was the second anual Run/walk event for the homeless put on by the NTC. This year me and stevo decided to take the reigns and be the head organizers. We started planning for this a couple months ago. Everyone from athletes to parents helped pitch in and make everything run smooth. We reiceved and awsome amount of sponsors icluding Running Room, Old Victoria Water Company, Hayak Air, Kook FM, Cobs Bakery, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Oak Bay Bikes, Prairie Inn Harriers, Pacific Sport Victoria and CRD. Many thanks to everyone for everything! Money wise we managed to raise over $2700 plus bags and bags full of clothing, blankets etc. As well as raising an awareness for the homeless community. All in all it was awsome! Thoughts for making next years event bigger and better are already cirulating in my head.

As for training I have not made a post in quite a while which is actually a good thing it means that I am more then just busy, and have no extra time at all. Between training alot, work and y beuty sleep I have been swamped. Training however is going great. Working hard and swimming biking and running fast right now. Now with the run walk event over I am going to have a little more time and energy and am ready for a super hard workouts this weak it should be great. Biking everyday this weak along with some awsome swim and bikes!

Well for now I rest and prepare for the week

P.S. even santa made it out to the run/walk.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Travis Barker Remix Soulja Boy

A little bit of soulja boy mixed with some loud drums by Barker of blink.. A recipe for a good sych up song..or maybe just something different..epic


Wow, the only word that comes to mind while thinking about the epic ride that we had today!! So let's start at the beginning. Start the day with speaking to the bosses at running room, who by the way are amazing!!! I was scheduled to work today, but they made it so I was able to train even with late notice of it. Find out just before 9 that Iwas going to be able to complete all the training today. That meant at 9 I had an hour strength session with trevor. That went solid and the 5 km swim after that went alright too. Felt pretty tired from the 4 week build we just had though. Then for the ride...It started at one o clock, ride out to thetis and drop off some run/wlak brochures at the gunner shaw. we stated with 12 and then by the time we reached sooke it was just three, Stevo Brooke and I..We reached sooke and all starting to bonk, so we decided to stop in at the shell gas station for some.."snacks" A bag of cookies, and achocolate bar and a jolt drink each and we figured we were ready to head back. We headed back for the last 50km of our ride and eventually made it back in the dark at 5:30. Big props to brooke who dug soo deep just to get back. The ride ended up being over 4.5 hours and only about 15 mnutes stoppage time. Overall an awsome day even though the legs are a little numb.

The rest of the week consisted of "doing a triathlon a day." I had a swim bike and run every day this week with either stregnth, yoga or core added on and then a little bit of work aswell. Overall a great finish to an awsome 4 week build where I have been able to really push myself. One more day of hard training until monday, day off!!! very much needed....Well now it is bed time...



Sunday, November 18, 2007

Excitment in the broadmead hood...

So yesterday a little excitment at work at the running room. Deffinetly an intersting way to start the day. Long story short within my first 45 minutes of my 8 hour shift we had already had the panic button go off and a visit from the police. Wow what an interesting day that was. O well training the last couple days has been solid.


Swim in the morning as ussual. A couple hard sets and a time trial to total the volume at 6km. The TT was a 200 from a dive. Ended up going a 2:07.6, which I was satisfied with but not stoked. Next time it will be a 2:05!!! O well, worked hard in the main sets and overall a solid swim. After that an oyo run where everything went well. Only 45 minutes, but everything felt good and I managed to have the right tunes playing at the right time. Follow that with a road ride in the sun with andy. Good chance to get out on my race bike one last time before winter and snow comes around. Follow that with a solid shift at work and then home for bed and rest for the first time that day. You know the saying "no rest for the wicked."

Saturday and sunday..
Some good training done inculding a fun long base run with the boys down at beacon hill and a little coffee after. Also we are just starting to get into the gym for some weight training which should be really cool. A little run/walk for the homeless stuff thrown in there and call it a good weekend.

Now to finish transformers the movie....


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Le Premier Post

So I finally have caved it is time to start a blog of my own. Hope you enjoy my posts, and if not I will probably enjoy postiong them so whatever. haha. Welcome to my blog...


Today was a good day. It started out with a 4 km swim this morning, nothing special 8 by 500 a lil swim a little pull and of course some kick swim. Then after I was invited to something sort of different. I had the opportunity to go and hear John Furlong talk about the 2010 olympics. A good oportunity to get all dressed up slacks and tie and be in a room with a bunch of very important people. Hearing him speak about it was awsome and it sounds like they are going to make it an amazing Olympics! Kind of excited to see how it all turns out. After hearing him speak and chowing down on a gormet 3 course meal, stevo and I decided all though deliscious not really enough food.we decided to hit subway before the run. Run was one of those days, subway didn't sit right and stomach was hurting,nothing really went right. O well excited for the 6km swim tommorow and a good cross ride with Stevo and Brent. Now to go finish my Goals for the year.

All dressed up...