Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Things Come In Threes??

Tucson this year had been a crazy rollercoaster! Like I have said before there has been up and downs. Since the last post a lot has gone on. I not only rode the day after rolling my ankle, but I rode my way up to the tops of Kitts peak. This is a killer 12mile climb to an elevation of 6800ft, roughly just under an hour to the top. It was sweet to be able to climb to the day after wrecking my ankle, I could not walk but yet I could climb a huge mountain. Granted I was going on a lot of adrenaline, and trying to prove myself wrong that I should not be climbing. I reached the top a very happy camper. I could not unclip as my ankle would not turn that way, but I managed to get out of my shoe. I threw my ankle into a bucket of ice to try to bring the swelling down so that I could fit into my bike shoe for a fun descent. The descent was winding and super fun. After the climb the guys had a quick run of the bike, so Andy and I decided to keep riding. After an extra 25 miles or so I managed to double flat and we waited for the van. Good day at the office none the less.

Riding Kitts peak.

Training for the rest of the week was awesome though! I kept my biking and swimming up, with a lot of pull and one legged flip turns. I managed to make the best of it and pick up my bike fitness a little. All was pretty good until yesterday. This whole camp everywhere we went we would go in groups. I decided that I would grab a couple extra tubes before we headed to a brick workout with Manitoba guys. On the way there I was coming up to a stop slight where cars had been stopped for a minute or so. As I got closer to the light, a suv decided to take a shortcut threw a gas station and managed to turn right when I was beside him. Smack, right into me, taking me out. I awoke to see the suv parked in front of me and cops showing up on site. After figuring things out much thanks to all the witnesses, and police officers I thought I might be able to ride. The boys took my wheel to the shop to get the wheel trued and I thought I would be ready to go. Maybe not! Not only was I a wreck mentally but I was pretty sore. Yesterday Deb our landlord/second mom, took me to the after I threw up in the morning. Got some x-rays and a ct scan and everything seemed to be ok. Thanks so much to Deb for spending her whole day at the hospital with me! It really made the time go by a lot faster and made me feel a lot more comfortable!(Not a big Hospital person.) So after another solid concussion and some good road rash and bruising, I lay here sooooooo ready to get back to training. According to the doctor it could be up to two weeks depending on the concussion and my ligament in my ankle. Hopefully training by Sunday...haha. Well that is three things and the saying is things come in 3. That is it I am done with bad luck! Anyways Time to start packing, home tomorrow.
Lemmon again.

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Alex Coates said...

Welll... It kinda seems like you only had 2 accidents (cause your back was from before...) So I would say you've got one more Bad thing coming for ya. haha you are screwed! Just kidding, I hope everything heals up fast and I'll send some good luck vibes via thought waves.