Friday, March 13, 2009

The road To Zona!!!

So here I sit on the plane, about one hour away from one of my favourite places! Just starting to think about things and browsing through pictures from last year! I had the most amazing time last year, I not only got the most fit that I have ever been but I also had a lot of fun during and before and after training. Top Three things from Last year in order:

3 ) Short Course yards in the U Of A pool!

2) Climbing mount Lemmon with the boys after riding there and finishing the day as a 6 hour ride!

1) The Lemon house and all of the Edison brothers!

No Trip will ever be the same as any other, but as long as this trip is at least half as fun as last year I am in for a blast. Got some sweet new stuff to test out while I am down training in the sun. I am excited to Rock out my new kicks courtesy of the good old running room. I am also stoked to be looking sharp in my sweet new cycling threads from Riders cycle. They match Crush (my bike) perfectly. It is going to be awesome; we start the training off with a good swim at the University tomorrow followed by a nice sunny ride up gates pass which is an awesome climb! I managed to hurt my back this weekend and have been working to get it fixed. I have the fingers crossed that it will not be bugging at all this camp. After a few trips to Hasegawa this week all is feeling pretty good and I am confident that it should be alright!

Well, We are starting to descend in to Tucson. Time to shut down the Computer.

P.S. These blogs will actually be regular while I am down here in Tucson.

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