Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life in 30 degrees

Sitting here listening to some sick new tunes courtesy of the bro I am just enjoying thoughts of the last week.

The zona Has been amazing thus far! We arrived here about a week ago to find out there would be 7 of us in a house. We had originally thought we would have two houses and when I first found out we would all be in one house I was nervous. I Look back now and laugh about it, it has been a great time with the boys. We have had a lot of fun together outside of the training!

The training has been crazy hard (in a good way)! I didn’t think the training could be as hard as last year, but it has been harder! We have averaged about 3.5 hours of riding in the last week. We are lucky enough to live about 30 minutes away from where we have met for the rides so an extra hour of riding is making us extra fit. We have done some sweet rides through gates pass, some awesome swims at the U of A pool and some nice runs along the river bed 5 minutes away from here.

Yesterday we had a brilliant day of training, starting with a solid 5500 yard swim. Got an opportunity to get some fast 25 short course yards in. Nice to get some super speed work going. We then had the “ultimate ride.” We left our house with just over an hour ride to Mt. Lemmon where our workout awaited us. We had one rep up to the top of the mountain. Lemmon is a spectacular 25 mile climb going up above 8000m of elevation. We started of nice and steady and enjoyed the unreal views that we passed the whole way up. 2 hours of steady riding later we reached the summit pouched and starting to bonk. After a quick stop at the general store at the top we started the best part of the day, the descend! Rolling down the windy descend you could not help but smile as you looked side to side, the scenery was wicked. It made it even better being able to go down the hill in a tuck position faster than the cars behind you! After a 45 minute descend, time to head home. Only 1 hour 15minutes of riding left. We reached the house 6 hours(just over 5 hours riding time) after leaving before the ride exhausted! A quick trip to Wendy’s and 4 burgers later it was bed time. The Camp has been awesome so far and I look forward to some more hard training and good times.

Some pics from lemmon....

The new kit!

The attack...

My Favourite mile!

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